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Third Party - TPW  


The Third Party Warehousing (TPW) module may be used standalone or integrated with other NewMind modules including “The Accountant” and “FreightMaster”.


WarehouseTP is a comprehensive application allowing for the control and management of third party stocks for re-distribution and forwarding. A multiplicity of charges and rates can be applied to products for handling, storage  and forwarding as required. Designed to control most types of general product, whether stored as units, packs, pallets, weight or cubic measure, the system also caters for timber where an individual  pack/pallet may contain a mixture of different lengths.


Manifests are created on the system for expected receipts either manually or electronically via EDI. Once the product hits the warehouse it is confirmed to store/location on paper Goods Received Notes or automatically using barcode scanning. All goods may be placed on hold prior to release from Customs or for forwarding.


At the heart of the system is the control centre. Here the user can specify the items to display by agent, customer, store, location, product, bill of lading, shipping marks or size/description. From here products can be taken on/off customs/freight release, transferred to/from location/customer, picked for despatch with picking note, confirmed for despatch and despatch noted.


A complete history of movements including receipt, transfers, adjustments, hold/release, picking and despatch is maintained throughout as is a wide selection of reports and analyses.    


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